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Hi, I'm Heather and I run Material Girls Quilting. I've been quilting for over ten years and sewing for even longer.  The material girls often include me, my mother, and occasionally my daughters!


About 5 years ago, I was frustrated with having to travel several hours away to find a good long arm quilter and having to wait months to get my quilts back.   

That's why I decided to start up my own long-arming business. I spent my time training myself on my own quilts before branching out to friends and family. Before I knew it, customers were flowing in!

While many other long arm quilters have stacks of quilts that can take months to get through, it's my mission to be able to turn around your masterpiece in a reasonable amount of time. You can usually expect to get a call from me within 2 weeks of drop-off saying your quilt is complete, depending on the complexity of your order or time of year.

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Thanks for reaching out, you'll hear back from us soon!

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