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For Long Arm Customers

You're in charge of your shipping!  If you'd like to send a quilt to be long-armed after we chat and I give you a quote, you'll pack it up and mail it to me.  Once finished, I'll add the return shipping to your bill and send it back your way.

For Product Customers

Once we agree on an available product that you like, I'll calculate shipping and add it to your total before payment.

Since most of our products and services are hand made and custom, we do not accept returns.  Everything item is inspected for imperfections before it goes out to you.  However, if you notice something we did not catch, we would be happy to fix it for you.


We accept cash, check, and even card payments through Square.  Cash and check payments must be received prior to getting your product.  You can mail it or just bring it with you to pick up your product.

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