Don't have the time or quilting isn't your strong suit?

Have no fear.  We offer ready-made quilts that you can purchase by reaching out through our contact form or via phone.  Keep in mind, our products listed below can often change in pattern or color as each one we make is hand-made and unique.

Colorful Gnomes 53x61 | $80.00
Santa Quilt 53x61
Autumn Moose 32x48 | $30.00
Fall Moose Panel 32x48
Animal Block 35x41 | $40.00
Giraffes 35x41
Floral Color Block 35x46 | $30.00
Flow Quilt 35x46
Woodland Fireside 42x35 | $40.00
Baby Bear Quilt 42x35
Bubbling Couldron 42x46 | $40.00
Halloween Panel 42x46
Holiday Fun 32x48 | $30.00
Christmas Panel 32x48
Sea Serpent 43x49 | $40.00
Sea Creature 43x49
Customizable T-Shirt Quilt | Price varies on size
Price varies depending on size, amount of shirts, and material.
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Step 1: Lets Chat!

Let me know which product you're interested in and I can show you the available options.

Step 2: Choose your product

Pick which product you want, pay by sending a check or by card over the phone.

Step 3: Enjoy your Item

I'll ship the product out to you or you can schedule a time to pick it up from our location.

Colorful Fabrics



Address: 10240 North County Road 125 West

Lizton, Indiana, 46149

Phone: 317-410-5897


By appointment: Please call before stopping by or ask to make use of our quilt dropbox.


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