Material Girls Quilting

You deserve a better way to quilt.

Your quilt needs to be finished, but you're struggling to do the work yourself.

Not everyone has the machinery or time to quilt their work themselves.  We have the equipment and experience that can get your next project done on time.

Save time and prevent backaches.
We do the work so you don’t have to spend hours hunched over your sewing machine.


Relax knowing we’ve got it covered.
Our digital technology will keep your quilt looking perfect.



Enjoy your quilt.
The precision from digital long arming will stay intact for years to come.



Step 1: Lets Chat!

Talk with me about your needs, quilt size, turnaround time, and my general pricing.

Step 2: Make an Appointment.

We’ll set up a time for you to stop by and drop your quilt off (or ship it!) and I’ll provide you with a final quote.

Step 3: Enjoy your quilt

I’ll call to let you know your quilt is finished, and you can relax knowing your quilt will last for years to come.


Meet Heather, owner of MGQuilting

I’ve serviced over 600 quilts in the past three years.  That’s given me the time and experience to create happy, lifetime customers!


I’m a quilter at heart.  I love quilting and I understand the frustration that can come with the process of trying to put a quilt together by hand. 

Colorful Fabrics



Address: 10240 North County Road 125 West

Lizton, Indiana, 46149

Phone: 317-410-5897


By appointment: Please call before stopping by or ask to make use of our quilt dropbox.


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